Allsure Junior Female Champion

Winner is Keenaghpoll 1 Rocket Roxie

With thanks to our Sponsor Allsure

Animax was founded in 1982 by Les Porter BVMS FRCVS, who recognised that technological and scientific advancements can increase yields and production, optimise fertility and support animal health. Animax is a pioneering British company which specialises in the research, development and manufacture of highly effective animal health products. They are a market leader in trace element supplementation for livestock, best known for their range of leaching boluses which deliver a prolonged release of the key trace elements. The boluses leach known and optimum levels of these elements for up to 6 months. Animax’s leaching boluses are sold in the Republic of Ireland under the Allsure® and Tracesure® brands.


Animax have been generous sponsors of the Irish Hereford Calf Show for many years now and we are delighted to have them on board again for this virtual event. Animax are kindly sponsoring the Junior Female Champion with two boxes of Allsure Cattle 10.

Did you know Allsure Cattle 10:
  1. Stops growth checks at weaning when calves move from milk on to grass or food
  2. Aims to finish calves faster (finishing unit) and for dairy calves to grow quicker, move on to being able to serve and hit the two year calving period
  3. Supplements and prevents risks and stressors on calves. For example poor appetite when to compete at feed face, during cold weather or at turnout
  4. Is for calves that are ruminating, approximately two months old and >75kg in weight, but are not taking milk as their main source of food
  5. Includes a separate copper bolus, giving flexibility to give it with the cobalt, iodine and selenium bolus or later
  6. Lasts for up to six months, to optimise post weaning health, vitality and growth