Beef Animal selection

The ultimate 'How To Guide' for assessing the fat cover on a finished animal.

 The video from Stephen Conroy of ICBF provides us with a comprehensive set of points on how to carry out a manual assessment of an animal that you believe is finished and ready for slaughter.

Irish Hereford Prime qualifying criteria

  • HE or HEX on animal passport
  • Steers and heifers only
  • Under 30 months of age
  • Herds must be approved under the Bord Bia Sustainable Beef and Lamb Assurance Scheme
  • Qualifying grades and weights:

            Carcase weight: 240kg to 380kg

            Conformation: O= or better

            Fat Score 2+ to 4+

A minimum bonus of 10 c/kg will apply to all qualifying Hereford and Hereford cross cattle. This minimum bonus will apply all year round with an additional conformation grade top-up that will apply as follows:

R- & R= +2c/kg on top of Irish Hereford Prime bonus

R+ grades: +4c/kg on top of Irish Hereford Prime bonus

U grades: + 6c/kg on top of Irish Hereford Prime bonus

Grade                          Bonus

O= & O+                      10c/kg

R- & R=                        12c/kg

R+                                14c/kg

U’s                               16c/kg

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Weigh up your options 

All Irish Hereford Prime members have free access to our on-farm weighing service. 

This will give you the opportunity to:

  • Achieve price premiums by meeting the required specifications 
  • Receive information on daily weight gain and grass quality, helping make informed decisions regarding feeding
  • Monitor stock over a number of seasons to help make improvements in management practices
  • Spot health issues regarding drops in weight gain and provide information on effective administering of dosing and medications 
  • Better judge the appropriate time to sell an animal

For more information on this service please contact Irish Hereford Prime Field Officer Tennyson on 083-8168824

Farm to Farm sales

We have been operating our farm to farm sales programme for a number of years. The concept is to source all ages of suitable Hereford cross cattle for Irish Hereford Prime members who are looking to rear and finish more HEX animals.• We view, weigh and photograph sellers Hereford cattle. We supply information to a list of accredited farmer buyers

  • Price is negotiated between buyer and seller
  • We support the AIMS transfer, money transfer and transport
  • We assist both buyer and seller throughout the sale
  • €5 per head is charged to both the buyer and the seller for animals sold
  • Buyers must be members of Irish Hereford Prime

The benefits seen by both buyers and sellers include:

  • Less stress and weight loss on animals
  • Greater level of trust for seller than other farm to farm type sales
  • Lower costs – avoid high commission / weighing charges
  • Good insight for the buyer into the type of cattle on offer
  • Less time spent buying or selling as only suitable cattle are viewed

Farm to farm has been extremely positive for both the buyer and the seller on a number of fronts with many who have availed of the service in the past doing so again. We hope to develop this service further and if you would like to buy or sell Hereford cattle off farm please contact us. 

For more information on this service please contact our Procurement Officer Michael on 087-6888713

Pedigree Heifer Scheme

With the long-term development of the Hereford breed in mind, Irish Hereford Prime in conjunction with the Irish Hereford Breed Society, ABP and Kepak are encouraging pedigree Hereford breeders not to retain pedigree Hereford heifers that are unsuitable for future breeding.

How it works:

  • Heifers must meet all existing Irish Hereford Prime qualifying criteria
  • A pedigree certificate must accompany the animal passport on the day of slaughter
  • The Irish Hereford Breed Society will refund the heifers registration fee
  • ABP and Kepak will pay an additional 10c/kg on top of the Hereford bonus being paid on the day
  • Irish Hereford Prime will match the total bonus paid to that heifer

For example: a 300kg pedigree Hereford heifer getting paid 10c/kg standard bonus + 10c/kg additional pedigree bonus from the factory, and a 20c/kg Irish Hereford Prime top-up and the €45 registration refund which will total €165. 

  • A breeder may only send progeny for slaughter under this scheme from a breeding dam once in her lifetime
  • Pedigree Certificates must state the current owner at time of slaughter
  • All heifers must be booked into the scheme through Irish Hereford Prime