Moocall Senior Female Champion

Winner is Grianan Orange U 877

With thanks to our Sponsor Moocall

The idea for the Moocall calving sensor came about when one of the Moocall founding team lost a heifer and her calf due to a difficult calving back in 2010. A theory based on the measuring of the tail movement may be able to predict the onset of calving.

As this issue was assessed, it became apparent that far too many cows and calves were being lost during the calving process. It looked like this high mortality rate could be drastically lowered by utilising technology to monitor labour and triggering an alert prior to calving occurring. Simply being present at the birth to assist if needed, or call the vet to intervene if necessary, would have a beneficial impact on the health and safety of both cow and calf.

As a result of their findings, the first Moocall calving sensor launched at the National Ploughing Championships in September 2014. Prototypes generated a huge amount of interest with more than 500 units being pre-ordered and thousands of farmers registering their interest in the product. Moocall launched the Moocall calving sensor commercially in January 2015. Since then over 25,000 sensors have been sold worldwide and the general reaction from customers has been phenomenal. Moocall is currently monitoring cows, heifers and unborn calves in 40 different countries around the world.


We are delighted to announce the support of this irish owned, local company who are kindly sponsoring a Moocall calving sensor and an embroidered body warmer jacket to the Senior Female Champion. One lucky winner will get the chance to join the 25,000 farmers across the world who have peace of mind knowing they won’t miss out on the birth of their next calf.